An Arabic proverb says, ‘What is written (maktoub) on your forehead, your eyes will see’…

… In the journey of life, where fate charts itineraries and determines stops, Italy is just a land for those who have ceased wandering, or a leg in a never-ending trip..

… It is the complexity of Italian Islam… that Elena Perlino deals with in this volume where each picture is a story, a journey, a life.

… At a time such as the one we are experiencing—wars, hatred, religious and not-so-religious fanaticism—the author uses her camera… with full awareness of the danger represented by stereotyped images that jeopardize the country’s future. Her pictures are successful attempts at rewriting a present time of coexistence and thus help bring about a different future for generations to come.

Zouhir Louassini

By means of photography coupled with sociology and journalism, the book ‘Maktoub: Islam in Italy’ aims at promoting awareness of this issue as well as at opening up new perspectives for its understanding..

In the initial stage of her work, Elena Perlino focused on Northern Italy. Then she moved on to the Center and the South. Her project involved a number of families that she called on regularly during the course of one year in order to achieve a higher degree of intimacy and mutual knowledge.

Her photos are accompanied by interviews she had with persons coming from Pakistan, Kosovo, Morocco, Bangladesh, Somalia, Albania, Nigeria, Syria and Tunisia. Bartolomeo Conti, Zouhir Louassini, Francesca Paci, Viviana Premazzi and Farian Sabahi contributed critical texts.

Maktoub: Islam in Italy’
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