E lena Perlino is an Italian photographer based in Paris. Her work on migrations and human trafficking has obtained the support of the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund, the Open Society Foundations, France’s Centre National des Arts Plastiques, the Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal, and Septembre de la Photographie. Her photo reports have been published in Newsweek Japan, The Daily Mail, and Elle, and in Italy in GQ, Max, D di Repubblica, Io Donna, and Internazionale. Her photo book on the traffic of Nigerian prostitutes in Italy, Pipeline, was published by Schilt Publishing and André Frère Éditions in 2014.


Bartolomeo Conti

B artolomeo Conti is an Italian sociologist at EHESS-École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, where he obtained his Ph.D. in sociology in 2011. As an Associate Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence, between 2013 and 201, he conducted a research/action on behalf of local administration and Muslim communities aiming at facilitating the integration of Muslim immigrants in Italian cities. In 2015, in France, Conti took part in a research/action on the Islamist radicalization in that country’s jailhouses with a view to developing tools and methods for the inmates’ reinsertion. In 2015-2016 he was visiting scholar at Berkeley University. Conti’s French-language book L’émergence de l’islam dans l’espace public italien: les leaders musulmans entre intégration et intégrisme [‘The emergence of Islam in Italy’s public space: Muslim community leaders between integration and fundamentalism’] was published by L’Harmattan in 2014.

Zouhir Louassini

Z ouhir Louassini is a Moroccan journalist based in Italy. He currently works for the Italian broadcaster RAI and contributes editorials to ‘L’Osservatore Romano.’ After obtaining his Ph.D. in Semitic Studies from the University of Granada, Spain, he has been visiting professor in various Italian and foreign universities. He has worked for a number of Arabic-language newsdailies, including Al-Hayat, Lakome and Al-Alam, and has contributed to Spanish-language newsdailies such as El Pais and Ideas-Afkar. His two books in Arabic were translated into Spanish: Fi Ahdhan Condoleezza wa bidun khassaer fi al Arwah e Quatl al-Arabi [‘Killing the Arab’.]

Francesca Paci

A n Italian journalist, Paci has been the Jerusalem then the London correspondent for the Italian newsdaily ‘La Stampa.’ In 2007 she hosted ‘Nirvana,’ an Italian television show. She has been awarded a number of Italian prizes for international reporting, including the ‘Marco Luchetta,’ the ‘Premiolino Giovani,’ the ‘Colombe d’oro per la Pace’, and the 2015 ‘Maria Grazia Cutuli’ prize. In 2008, the President of the Italian Republic awarded Paci the Commander’s Cross in recognition of her commitment ‘to the understanding of different cultures and ethnic-religious traditions.’ In addition to her reporting work, Paci has published a number of books in Italy, including L’Islam sotto casa. L’integrazione silenziosa [‘Nextdoor Islam. The Quiet Integration’] (Marsilio, 2004), Il sonno della ragione [‘The Slumber of Reason’] (Marsilio, 2004), Islam e violenza. Parlano i musulmani italiani [‘Islam and Violence. Italian Muslims Speak’] (Laterza, 2006), Dove muoiono i cristiani. Dall’Egitto all’Indonesia, viaggio nei luoghi in cui il cristianesimo è una minoranza perseguitata [‘Where Christians die. From Egypt to Indonesia, a journey to places where Christians are persecuted minorities’] (Mondadori, 2011), Se chiudo gli occhi muoio [‘If I shut my eyes I’ll die’] (Editrice La Stampa, 2015), Un amore ad Auschwitz [‘A Love Story in Auschwitz’] (Utet 2016)

Viviana Premazzi

V iviana Premazzi is a Research fellow at Turin University Department of Cultures, Politics and Society. She studies immigration and integration process, with special regard for young Muslim foreigners. She has worked as a consultant for the World Bank, IOM-International Organization for Migration, UNICRI-United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and other national and international organizations.

Farian Sabahi

F arian Sabahi is an Italian journalist and university professor of Iranian origins. Specialist of the Middle East, Sabahi has published in Italy a number of books, including Storia dell’Iran 1890-2008 [‘A History of Iran 1890-2008’]; Un’estate a Teheran [‘A Summer in Tehran’]; Islam. Identità inquieta dell’Europa [‘Islam—Europe’s Restless Identity’]; Storia dello Yemen [‘A History of Yemen’]; Noi donne di Teheran [‘We, the Women of Tehran’], as well as an interview with Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian lawyer and human rights champion, entitled Il mio esilio [‘My Exile’]. Sabahi currently teaches History of Islamic Countries at Turin University. Prior to that she taught in Geneva and in Milan’s Bocconi University, and has held courses on how to make business in Iran. She contributes editorials for Italy’s Il Corriere della Sera, Io Donna and La Lettura. In Italy she was awarded the Premio Amalfi in 2010, the Premio Torino Libera in 2011, and the journalistic prize Con gli occhi di una donna [‘Through a Woman’s Eyes’] in 2016.